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Harlem Hot Shots is a group of Swedish dancers whose specialty is entertainment authentic to the Swing Era. With the deepest appreciation and passion for dance styles that originally derived from Harlem, their mission is to keep spreading knowledge and the tradition of swing dancing. Dances such as the lindy hop, charleston, jazz and tap make up the company’s repertoire which also includes acrobatics, singing and comedy.

Harlem Hot Shots is artistic, professional and re-creative. All of the company’s activities are inspired by the ideals of the Swing Era, focusing on both faithful reconstructions just as original choreography with a framework that is true to the period. High energy, improvisation and tight rhythms.

No modernizing. No compromising. Instead, the music, dances and overall presentation all emanate directly from genuine sources, such as authentic material from old film clips as well as many meetings and collaborations with dancers and musicians who were active in during the 1930s and 40s. No intermediaries or distortions. No superficial adaptations or transparent clichés. Simply pure swing.

Turin TAP Festival

Andrew Black (NY)
Michela Marino Lerman - (NY)
Guillelm Alonso (Esp)
Davide Accossato (ita)
Vittorio Schiavone (ita)
Romina Uguzzoni (ita)
Cesare Evangeli (ita)

Turin Tap Festival is a project created by Centro Accademico Carma Torino, with the aim of promoting the diffusion of tap dance style in Torino.

Created by Mirko Volonnino (art director of the Academy), in collaboration with the teacher Davide Accossato, TTF is going to see the fourth edition in 2018.

The event was born as the first international tap dance festival in Torino, a special kermesse enriched by the presence of international artists and teachers.

The first edition

The first edition of Turin Tap Festival was in 2015 from 30th of April to the 3rd of May: special guests teachers Andrew Black from New York City, Guillem Alonso and Ruben Sanchez from Barcelona and, of course, Davide Accossato from Torino. Four days of no-stop lessons for every level (from beginner to advanced class) with every teacher, one Jam Session night with live music and a special Gala at the theatre with teacher exhibitions and choreographies of guest schools.

The goal of the event was to create something new in Torino, an appointment for tap dance lovers with international teachers, like in a big “Tap Family”.

Winter editions

After the first appointment, the second edition of TTF was in 2015 again, from the 5th to the 7th of December in a sort of “Christmas Edition”. Special guests the same group of teachers of the Spring, plus a new entry, Jep Melendez (from Barcelona), with his Body Percussion lessons.

In 2016, from 8th to 11th December, there was the third edition, enriched by the presence of new teachers and lessons. Infact, in addition to the usual guests, the festival hosted Estefania Porqueras Ocana (from Barcelona), Tap Slide teacher, Daniel Borak (from Zurich) e Cesare Vangeli and Marco Rea from Rome.

In addition to the Gala and the Jam Session, the 2016 edition offered a percussion show with dinner.

2018 edition

The fourth edition of Turin Tap Festival will be from the 28th of April to the 1st of May: the Turin Tap Family is going to be together again with international teachers, old friends, special night parties and more.

Dalila del Giudice

Our Voice

Dalila was born in Naples where she started at 6 years old to study elocution, acting, ballet and singing. Her career brought her on the most famous stages in Naples as a singer and dancer.

Her father is a vinyl records collector and music lover and her passion was inherited by him, who cradled her with music by Pink Floyd, Yes, Marillion, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and many more.

In 1995 she became the soloist and composer of the punk band Kinder Garten, which disbanded in 1999. She worked in various clubs as artistic director and carried on with her career as a singer and vocalist in several music festivals all over Italy.

Her exuberant stage presence and her eclectic performances have grabbed the eye of few talent scouts who tried to make her a “potentially commercial celebrity” for the Italian showbiz, but her personality and her cultural preparation pushed her towards the most difficult choice: she decided she was not “on sale”.

At the present time Dalila is a teacher and she sings for her band, the Dalya. Furthermore she works as a hostess for cultural festivals in Italy and abroad including international tattoo conventions. After falling in love with the Lindy Hop, she started to host the Royal Swing festival and will do so also for the 2018 edition.

Eric Bobrie

Photographe - Paris

Eric has been covering swing events for a couple of years, documenting through photography what captivates him while trying not to get in the way of participants.