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Carolina Reapers Swing

Carolina Reapers Swing is born when young musicians crazy about jazz from the 1930s and 1940s met swing dancing. Out of this synergy came a band who brings back jazz standards and rare pieces that have bound together swing music and swing dance since the early days of Lindy Hop. They revive for you songs that will thrill you, body and soul—by Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Artie Shaw, Billie Holiday, Coleman Hawkins, and others—spiced up with some occasional touch of bebop and a taste of New Orleans.

Who are the Carolina Reapers ? David Tavani (clarinet), Benjamin Faconnier (vocals and trumpet), Sami Khalfoune (vocals and trombone), Audrey Leclair (vocals and guitar), Joseph Vu Van (vocals and piano), Fernando Morrison (double bass), Arthur Defrain (drums).


Milanoans with
Dalila Del Giudice

In the 1930s, Chicago had the Chicagoans but today Milan has the Milanoans! : The Hottest Jazz Band in Town. Created in 1990 to revive the hot jazz sound of New Orleans from the early twentieth century, Milanoans perform dressed in true Dixieland style, with two-tone shoes, pinstriped trousers, suspenders and bow ties. The repertoire? Strictly 1920s and 1930s, ranging from Charleston to Swing. The six musicians who make up Milanoans play trumpet, trombone , clarinet , guitar, double bass and drums. In Turin they will be accompanied by the powerful voice of Dalila Del Giudice, who has the energy of a rocker and is bursting with true Neapolitan passion. A marriage between the stage and the dance floors of so many Lindy Hop social nights that Milanoans have played over the years. Are they or are they not the Hottest Jazz Band in town?


Andrea Milan Swingphony DJ

"Love at first sight exists and this is true not only for people."
Although in his case it should be said that the thunderbolt materialized when he happened to encounter with Lindy Hop and dances of the Swing Era.
From aspiring dancer to Dj for passion, the distance was short. With a unique, common denominator: giving fun ... having fun himself!
His repertoire is focused on original swing music from the 1920s to the Forties, when big bands or small music groups formed by a few elements were able to gather all together many dancers of different nationalities, social background and skin color. His selections, in addition to the original melodies, also include musical pieces by current bands, as well as swing pop variations and modern day covers, strictly read in jazz style.
Entertaining guests and dancers by trying to instill in them his passion for music and swing culture - this is the aim pursued by Dj Swingphony, aka Andrea Milan, during his music sets. If you do not see him at the console, you will definitely find him on the dance floor, dancing with his friends of the Bassano Swing Out, a group of Lindy Hoppers based in Veneto region, in which he is actively involved.

Fabrizio Sartini Lindysciplinato Dj

Follower of Swing music from several years, collector of turntables, microphones and other retro items, he has a collection counting hundreds of records of the '30s,' 40s and '50s.

His motto is: "Total Opening to the Music". He loves to include in its musical sequences particular versions of modern bands for the Lindy Hop lovers, always remaining close to the jazz sounds.

Big Mama Swing Dj

It seemed like I had to be a classical musician after 11 years passsed studing classical alto and then jazz at conservatory A. Boito di Parma, instead ... Life has brought me elsewhere, in so many Places close and far in search of something I already had.
It does not matter where or how you are: music is always with you. That's why I love to do the selector because like said it M ° Giorgio Cuscito told me "the console is the most varied and complete instrument : infinite colors, infinite notes, endless souls. "
Almost a musician, almost lindy Hopper, surely viscerally passionate of Jazz, blues and swing, will bring you
From the Mississippi shores to Harlem passing through West and East coast, coming to Europe release swing for dancing lindy, balboa and everything what music asks you!