Only one beautiful and historic location for workshops and parties

The building is an integral part of the complex of the Certosa Reale in Collegno .

It's been built in the historic period in which it was decided to transform the site in the Royal Mental Hospital, in the years immediately after 1855 , the date of the abrogation of the religious corporations .

The historical complex of the Certosa Reale was born, in fact, in the first half of the seventeenth century as a monastic complex, characterized by a system of court closed to the outside according to a design by architect Maurizio Valperga in 1634 .

In 1851 the settlement was then started on the whole of the Certosa Reale of the Royal Asylum with the abandonment by the monks and the realization of substantial transformation and extension work designed to last for almost two centuries, until 1975.

The building of the Dry Steam designed and built from 1870 to 1875 as a service structure for the Royal Lunatic Asylum was designed by Ing. Luigi Fenoglio.

Despite the lack of care , the building has been able to preserve until 2004 , when he started the renovation .

In particular, it is kept legible the composition of facades scanned by the numerous vertical windows with their brick arches and the large central chimney that identifies it.

The restoration project of the Dry Steam involves the restoration of the decorative nineteenth-century factory ammattonata and chimney , built on the design of Eng. Luigi Fenoglio like laundry of the Royal Asylum, that the restoration of the interior space , characterized by the presence of the large nave .

The environments were then equipped with the facilities and equipment which allow their use , with choices guided by the concept of sobriety , minimizing the presence of the technological components required by the contemporary.

During the implementation of this phase of intervention, has resulted the decision to allocate the spaces of the Steam Laundry in the Centro Coreutico residence that houses in the Ballet Theatre of Turin.

It ' was therefore prepared the exhibition design , which enables the use of the renovated spaces for artistic and cultural activities , education , entertainment and meetings in general.

How to find us

Lavanderia a Vapore Cso Pastrengo 51
10093-Collegno ( To )


Bus 33, C01, 37


Subway station Fermi


Collegno railway station in V. Collegno ( Certosa Reale Park)
Turin's Porta Susa train station, take the underground direction Collegno Fermi.
Turin's Porta Nuova train station : take the underground direction Collegno Fermi.


Shuttle bus Sadem to Turin Porta Susa Train Station and Turin Porta Nuova


At 20 minutes away from Turin airport and from Turin center.
From the ring road :
3 Km - Pianezza exit direction Collegno .
7 Km - exit Regina Margherita direction Center
From the Centre :
8.5 Km - from Pta Susa :
12 Km - Pzza Castle


indoor area : up to 120 cars
Outdoor parking: over 500 cars